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At home is myself, my husband & three fur-kids, 2 dogs, (Kona & Ralph) & 1 cat, (Alley). I'd love to share my journey of beauty & life topics. By no means am I an expert, nor claim to be, but I'm ready to motivate myself and others to be the best self we can be. 


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My why AVON?

     I remember as a kid growing up, being at my Grandparent's house, and my Grandma, Great Grandma and her sister all gathered in the dining room talking to the “Avon lady.” She would have samples, catalogs and exciting new things to buy. My Grandma was a classy lady in her day, she would do her hair in a permanent, color and wear red lipstick and polish to match. I wanted to be just like her when it came to makeup. She would always buy me a little something when placing her order as well. I loved my Grandma and Avon reminds me so much of her.
    Growing up my mom always took me to makeup counters and experts to try and teach me how to do my own makeup and skincare routine. She taught me how important skin care was at a young age. I love my mom, she has been my best friend and biggest supporter throughout life. I am so lucky to have an inspiration like her and support.
    Beauty and skincare have been in my life since I was able to remember and I have such joyous memories of it from the women in my life. 

      I chose Avon because it has such a soft place in my heart. It has been around for over a century (134 years to be exact), and has such a high reputation for standards. I have been using certain products of theirs since Grandma introduced me to them up to now. So why not connect with them and share the love and passion that I have for this? Avon has been empowering women since before we were able to vote, and continue their legacy today.
  I hope this explains more of why this adventure has begun and the true passion I have for it. 

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Photo with Grandma & Mom coming soon...

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